What We Do

Movie/TV/Radio /Drama Scriptwriting

We write original and entertaining stories, as well as adaptations, for home videos, cinema films, television drama, web drama/skits and radio drama.

Content Creation for TV/Radio/Web

We create entertaining and informative contents, drama, magazine and, or reality shows that are not just original but potentially draw audiences to identify with subject matter, the target brands and engage meaningfully.

Movie/TV/Radio /Web drama production

We produce and direct audiovisual contents, ranging from drama, reality shows, documentary to television commercials.


We write copy that impact on brands and services positively for television and radio commercials.

Ghost Writing Prose/Play/Poetry

We write prose fiction, play, poetry for individuals, anonymously, while they own the copyright.

Movie/Drama Subtitle/Quality Check

We write subtitle for movies and television drama, and equally do quality check on them.